Helping tips for easier shoe maintenance

Here are some handy skincare tips for your long lasting shoes:

  • Skin, especially non-impregnated types, are considered to be a types of natural material with water absorption as one of the main characteristics. Impregnation is one of the most important parts in footwear protection for a number of reasons:
    impregnation as the best protection against water inclement
    impurity protection
    preserving the footwear value
  • When using your shoes, the foot sweats and the shoe absorbs odors. Inserting newspaper prints into your shoes you are successfully solving the problem of excess moisture and maintain shape, softness and lifespan of your shoes.
  • Also, it is advisable to always remove your shoe insole and dry it at optimal temperature. Regular impourities removal from your footwear gives you longer life span of your shoes. Method of cleaning primarily depends on the type of material .
  • The basic products available for care are: various type of brushes, creams, sponges and impregnation sprays, applied according to the type of material and manufacturer’s recommended protection.
    To maintain Nubuk skin, use special brushes or sponges for dry wiping. Resistant impurities have to be removed with a soft rubber brush. The brush is made of rubberized fibers and narrow edges, keeping clean all hard-to-reach parts. The impregnation must be made immediately upon purchase, and can be renewed as the manufacturer previously recommended.
  • Velour skin recomanded maintenance include dry sponge cleaning or a velour cleaning brush. With the brush or rubber band remove all impurities and apply spray to refresh the color and protect the shoes from moisture.
  • Patent leather footwear requires special care. Leather must be cleaned with a damp cloth, then moisturized with specialy made varnish. After soaking the polish, lightly wipe the shoes with a clean, soft cloth to provide them with more sheen. Inadequately maintained patent leather is prone to cracking and such damage cannot be repaired.
  • Dust on sports shoes should be removed with dry cloth, any stains should be cleaned properly, and protected from moisture with impregnational product . For heavily damaged white leather sports shoes there is special white self-luminous polishing product. Antibacterial pads and deodorants are recommended to easily remove odors caused by excessive sweating of the feet.

In year 1989, in Novi Sad, Milan Gogić founded the family company “Krke-system” Ltd, for the production of safety, protective and work footwear in order to produce footwear specifically designed for the health, safety and protection of workers.