Insurance indemnity related to accident at work or occupational disease

  • For any injury at work – including minor injuries or occupational disease, the employees may be entitled to compensation for pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage.
  • Compensation for non-pecuniary damage is equitable compensation for the physical and mental pain or injury suffered as a result of an occupational injury and/or occupational disease.
  • In case of severe disability or death, compensation for non-pecuniary damage may be claimed by employees close relatives. The amount of non-pecuniary damage will depend on the intensity of pain, fear, or injury suffered.
  • Material damage compensation includes the natural restitution and monetary compensation refered to lost earnings, various costs of treatment, care and recovery, as well as compensation for other types of material damage.
  • Due to permanent impairment or professional illnes, suffered damage can be paid in form of an annuity and includes:
    • compensation for loss of earnings and other personal benefits due to loss of working capacity (calculated as the difference between the earnings that would have been made if the injury not occurred and the earnings acquired after the injury or professional illness), or
    • compensation for all expenses due to loss of working capacity (calculated according to the expenses for basic necessities after the occurrence of an injury and/or occupational diseases causing the impairment of working capacity).
  • In case of death caused by an injury at work, parents, children or spouse of the deceased employee and other persons supported by law may claim compensation for lost maintenance.

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