Social Responsibility

Socially responsible business represents a company’s contribution to a better life for the bigger social community.

Thanig care for our clients, employees and the environment are not the only areas of social responsibility we are committed to. We are also very determined to provide support for a local and wider community. For many years now we have been supporting our community in various fields of cultural, economic, social, artistic, sports and educational life.

Employing people with disabilities

In our society there are still lot of different prejudices about people with disabilities, leading them to social marginalization. This has been confirmed with considerable amount of reashirch about discrimination in various occupational profiles.

Inclusion of persons with disabilities is prescribed by the Constitution and other legal acts such as the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities and the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities. All these acts are written to involve persons with disabilities in all spheres of social life on an equal basis. Employing people with disabilities company contributes strength in all social aspects because diversity of your empolyee structure reflects diversity of entire society.

In working envirement, persons with disabilities brings innovation in organizing and implementing business activities. These activities can be very useful for rehabilitation process of persons with disabilities itself. KS-Safety Shoes recognizes the importance of diversity in hiring as a strategic approach in human resource management. Creating ideal structural and social conditions we are leading to greater success for both employees and the company.

More than 50% of our employees are persons with different type of disabilitys.